Canadian business asks you not to impose sanctions against Russia (Pork Producers are afraid of losing their third largest market)

Association of Canadian pork producers Canada Pork International (CPI) appealed to the Government of Canada with a request not to apply economic sanctions against Russia. As described in the organization, Canadian producers may lose one of the largest markets and as a result some of them go bankrupt.

The Government of Canada has repeatedly stated that it will introduce sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine. For example, March 17 Prime Minister Stephen Harper said his country does not recognize the referendum held in the Crimea. According to him, if Russia will not give up “de-escalate the conflict” in Ukraine, will consider “imposing additional sanctions against those responsible for the situation of persons.”

CPI President Jacques Pomerleau stated “Izvestia” basic theses to the authorities of Canada. According to him, the organization in a letter to the Canadian government recalls that “meat sector” for many years invested money to strengthen its position on the market of Russia and other countries of the Customs Union. According to the association, the Russian Federation - “the third largest export market for Canadian pork producers.”

Producers also asked the Canadian government to make decisions about what sanctions to apply to Russia, not included in the list of forbidden to export pork and beef.

As told Jacques Pomerleau in Canada in 2012 Russia sold 207,123 tons of pork, the total value of shipments was $ 492 million in 2013 deliveries fell to 92,614 tons in Russia now imports increased again. During January 2014, Canadian producers have put in Russia 11,015 tons of pork for $ 31 million

- Reduction of Canadian pork exports in 2013 is directly related to the introduction of the very strict requirements for imported products from Russia - said Jacques Pomerleau. - They forced Canadian producers to introduce new systems of production and certification. Now, when these systems are fully implemented in Canada, exports to Russia began to increase again.

According to him, if the Government of Canada will close supply of pork in Russia, the Canadian market are big losses.

- This greatly reduces the competitiveness of our producers - he said. - Some companies may not survive. In a short time our industry will be forced to find new markets for products that are specifically made for Russia. Sanctions also have a profound impact on the Russian market of meat processing, given its dependence on imported raw materials.

According to Jacques Pomerleau, association response from the government has not yet received.

According to Chairman of the Board of the Moscow branch of “Support of Russia” Alexander Zharkov, purely economic sanctions are possible only from the United States, other countries, NATO will not harm your business.

According to the Russian National Meat Association, the Canadian pork in our country is mainly used meat processing plant ………

18 March 2014

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