“Nenashev” our interests in the Crimea

In Crimea, at the height of tourist season, local merchants and still count as beneficial in terms of profits and prospects of joining the peninsula appeared in the Russian Federation. The euphoria of the long-awaited and joyful event is long gone - dictate everyday life. And they are not always happy, not only in tourism but also other “little things”, encountered and fight. Yes, conditionally in the Crimea increased the average salary and pensions. Why shareware? Because prices have risen similarly under the national average, which was higher than the pre-war period of the Crimean 1.5-2 times. That’s because the average Russian, choosing instead Yalta Sochi felt like a millionaire. Now everything has changed. Already last summer, our first season in the Crimea was a disaster. According to various estimates, the number of Ukrainian tourists who have chosen a vacation on the peninsula, it was 80% less than the year before. At the same time 65% of the total tourist flow in the Crimea were Ukrainian tourists and 20% - the tourists from Russia. The Russian government is expected to increase the flow of Russian tourists to 3 million people, so as to reverse the loss of the peninsula from financial shortfalls. To achieve these figures the Russian authorities introduced the so-called single ticket, which is a boarding pass “bus parom- bus”. It was assumed that innovation will be simplified thanks to the move to the railway station two Russian cities to the ferry and down the peninsula. However, no single tickets were not properly “unwound”, or just do not have great demand, but the growth of tourist activity have arisen. Since January 1, the economy of the peninsula began to function in a particular mode, according to a government program for the establishment of special economic zones and the law “On the development of the Crimean Federal District and the free economic zone on the territory of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city of federal significance”. However, the prerequisites for ensuring that entered the territory of the free economic zone of the Crimea has become a powerful impetus for the development of business, has not yet seen. The free economic zone on the Crimean peninsula is created for 25 years. The law identifies as a priority “to attract investments in the development of existing and creation of new industries, the development of logistics infrastructure, tourism, agriculture and health resort areas, as well as improve the quality of life of citizens.”
But on the other hand - the sword of Damocles hanging over the Crimea sanctions of some the most potential investors and do not attract. And while on the prospects for long-term investments in the Crimea speak only as of the possible future. And not the next few years. Of course, the Crimea is not disappointed with his decision last year to return to Russia. There are no sighs over Ukraine, and even - given its current status of the colony fighting against rebellious Donbassa.No majority of Crimeans become pragmatists. Some became skeptics.

18 June 2015

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• China to invest in the Russian Far East three times as much of Moscow. Neighboring Harbin gradually replace "Federal Center »»»
China has more than tripled ahead of the Moscow government in the development of Russian Far Eastern territories.
• Ukraine refused to ban doing business in the Crimea and the prosecution of "perfidy" »»»
Ukraine did not prohibit conduct business in the Crimea, to introduce prosecution for "perfidy" and permits for entry into the peninsula.
• Public services cost businesses up to 40% more expensive than are officially »»»
The actual payment for government services from the business on average 40% higher than the rates established by regulations, reported the Economic Development Minister Elvira Nabiullina.
• President Kinross Tai Bert: the staff of my company for 15 years working in Russia are not faced with corrupt »»»
Kinross - the only one of the world’s gold mining giants who are active in Russia.
• EU and U.S. plan to invest in the infrastructure of Crimea »»»
This was reported by the official representative of the EU in the Crimea Enzo Damiani during the investment forum “The Rebirth of Crimea.