Petersburg business is afraid of the state more than the competition: the majority of St. Petersburg businessmen believe that the economic situation and, consequently, business conditions worsen

To such conclusion experts of the Center for Applied Research in the survey business, commissioned by the Commissioner for the Protection of the rights of businessmen in St. Petersburg.

58.2% of respondents said the reduction of the volume of production and sales of goods and services. At the same time 30.6% of respondents recorded a sharp drop in production and sales.

Most of the respondents (33.2%) was in the small business segment, the least (11.1%) - among large companies. Among large companies appeared and the majority (16.7%) of those who showed a significant increase in sales and production volumes. For comparison: in the small business segment, an increase in the volume of said only 5.7% of respondents.

Assessment of the situation in various sectors of the economy of St. Petersburg showed that most affected the construction business. The deterioration of business results expressed 78.2% of respondents from this sector. Slightly better things are going in the sphere of trade and public catering - on the deterioration of the situation indicated 64.5% of the respondents in these segments.

The third line in the list of the most unfavorable sectors took collar, which gave a negative assessment of the 55.7% of respondents. At the same time 57.4% of surveyed entrepreneurs assess their financial situation as relatively stable. But 43.8% of respondents made it clear that the development of the money is not business.

Positively assessed the situation in their respective industries and educational research organizations (52.2% of respondents did not notice negative changes), as well as companies in the fields of transport, communications and information, where deterioration is not seen 43.8% of respondents.

Assessing the main risks to their business, most entrepreneurs primarily fear threats related to external economic factors and the activity of the state. Thus, 84% of respondents named among the major risks a sharp deterioration in the overall situation in the economy. Businessmen also feared the growth of the dollar, raising taxes and excise taxes, tariffs growth and increasing pressure on the part of supervisory authorities. But the threats associated with increased competition, disturb the St. Petersburg business to a much lesser degree. Concerns in this regard expressed only 6.6% of respondents.

25 March 2016

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