Terrorism: “business, nothing personal”

West led by the United States does not get tired to assure the world its readiness to fight terrorism. However, today’s terrorist organizations and groups - this is his “business project”.

Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah (Damascus), especially for the Center for International Studies and Journalism MIA “Russia Today”

The world faced a wave of terrorism. She rolled from the Middle East and North Africa to Europe and Asia. The international community must confront the terrorists, the question now is, what control strategy should be chosen. Make it so that it is not evil creatures spawned a new generation of even more cruel than their predecessors.

The Syrian people, like anyone else, knew all their bloody crimes over the past four years. And we do not want anyone to go through tragic tests generated by the forces of terror. It is our president Bashar al-Assad most reason to warn the world that terrorism supported by regional and international circles, like a boomerang, hit the interests of those who are under the care and its sponsors. But nobody wanted to listen to his warnings - until then, until the terrorists have not manifested themselves in Western capitals, before the “exported” to Syria rebels began to return to his home in Europe.

But the alliance of terrorists and sponsors extremism in the Gulf States and the United States has never been a secret. At the time, supporters of terrorists have turned this into a business alliance project aimed against the Soviet presence in Afghanistan. Then US President Ronald Reagan referred to the terrorists not only as “freedom fighters.” At the same time, Saudi Arabia providing direct financial assistance, and Pakistan was a major “transit point”, as they say, the logistics center.

When the terrorists in Afghanistan mission has been completed, Washington and its allies have decided to hand over the militants to the authorities of their countries. There, they quickly became the objects of persecution by the security services.

However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Washington has decided to revive its “business project”. And, above all, to use the “old guard” for attacks on Russia for its dismemberment, and began with Chechnya. Financial support is Saudi Arabia, Georgia, was used as a logistics corridor. Washington was well aware that sooner or later, Russia will strengthen and restore its status as a strong power, and therefore it is necessary to take the time to not allow it to gain its former strength, which carries a strategic threat to the hegemonic interests of the United States.

9 February 2015

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