Mazda will build a plant in the Primorsky Territory for $ 80 million

Japanese Mazda Motor Corp. received permission from the Russian government to build its first plant in Russia. “We have submitted a request to permit construction, and he was satisfied,” - said at a press conference, executive director Takashi Yamanouchi Mazda, pass the Japanese business media.

According to the head of Mazda, the Japanese company now chooses whether it will independently manage the plant or to attract a partner.

According to the press service of the Mazda, the company has reached a basic agreement with the Russian government and will now detail, in particular, the location of the future plant.

Mazda. According to the ministry, the project will be implemented in the Maritime Territory. The production will be conducted on the old terms, industrial assembly. The plant capacity is planned in the amount of 25 thousand to 50 thousand cars per year. Machines will be released Mazda-6, as well as a new model, which will soon be introduced to the market. Localization of the components will be 30%, while investment in the project - $ 80 million

1 July 2011

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