CeBIT: Russia entered the top five IT Powers

Russia received the status of the partner country at one of the world’s largest IT exhibition CeBIT-2007. This will allow domestic companies to take a key place in the exposition of the forum. Russia for the first time may declare themselves not as a raw power, as well as a state, actively developing information technology sector. Russia will display the five largest in the exhibition.

30 January 2007 | exhibition, five, forum, location, russia, status

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• In St. Petersburg, starts an international economic forum »»»
In the city on the Neva River attracts 10 presidents of the CIS, 11 Prime Minister, 4 Deputy Prime Minister and 64, about 500 top managers of the world’s largest companies.
• Time to change the capital »»»
If you revert to our summary table, we see that in the era of openness of the capital of Russia moved to a country, to its maritime boundaries.
• Are the business defaulted? »»»
Experts warn: a sharp increase in external debt business can turn to another country in default.
• Opening of the All Russia business portal »»»
In early July, is open to users of the new inter-industry business portal marketmap.
• The World Bank has found the cause of poor investment climate in Russia »»»
The main problem for companies operating in Russia, remains uncertain economic policy of the authorities.