Business! Know your place!

All we have heard, wherein the salt of the earth Russian - sacred creative class liberals of all stripes and varieties. They know almost by the minute, and what to do in the country and teach wits whom you want. For them, the President of Russia, that the worker “Uralvagonzavod” - all the same. Not a stone will be left on any appeals.

But the business community will be more abruptly. That it must be courted not interfere, not “nightmare”, not control, not impose extra taxes, not get in the way. Themselves with a mustache. To him the same creative salt run for financing their ingenious projects. Have this community treasured words “Open Sesame!”. This is the “invisible hand of the market” that will put everything in its place. The activities of this “hand” is reduced to a simple truth: you have a problem, we have a profit. The state - the economy, social programs, the legal system, the military, education, science, fertility, etc., we have - profit.

The relationship between business and government - a painful subject. Much has been said about the mutual trust between business and government in connection with a message to Vladimir Putin. After all, a decent and self-respecting state must nurture a business, let alone the business community then see whether or not reciprocate. About mutual trust society and business talk is not accepted. Is that the effectiveness of advertising products and services to the consumer. Degree of confidence than consumers, and society business is not concerned.

The main thing that society has not climbed the arm and not ask too many questions. For example, during a mass point developments in all the glorious cities of Russia, or when laying roads through the favorite public parks and forests. During the clock business centers under the windows of ordinary people. Time - and elite building complex. And not one, but hundreds in every city. And the infrastructure around the pearls housing let them do the municipal authorities.

For instance, the company is trying to resent the quality of products or gorgeous margin on ordinary goods in supermarkets. Even if the president of Russia suddenly appears in one of the capital’s supermarkets and surprised the prices of other products, prices, what were such will remain.

Government has no right to demand compensation for the huge tax assets of the former USSR. It is obliged to respect and listen carefully to the business. Because she just calmly and politely asked, they say, would be good to think about this question. Vladimir Putin raised the subject of unfair privatization.

Themselves ideologues mortgage auctions late Yegor Gaidar and Anatoly Chubais openly acknowledge and accept that not a “fair” privatization speech could not be. And on the compensation offered to the president of business thinking. But here’s the problem - I think not. What’s in soviet rabble could be in the Soviet Union, and for what reason a business should be held accountable for this very privatization? To whom?

12 December 2014

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