As Russian farmers in crisis in Ukraine

Despite the threat of sanctions, Russian companies have a chance to maintain its position in the Ukrainian and world agricultural markets
In the agricultural business should not be a policy. Parties and factions can argue and fight all you want, but you can not pluck the seed. If you do not sow the field, the country will find lots of problems: from the hungry citizens of arrears to the budget.

Can not say that selhozinvestory strongly experienced because of the situation in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions against Russia from the EU and the USA. All reasonable people understand very well: despite the fact that the business collaborations in the agricultural sector between Russia and Ukraine is not so much our country is extremely disadvantageous to stop cooperation.
Read more on So I, as a practicing investor, Ukrainian political crisis does not seem so terrible.

Almost 5 years I own farm about 90 000 hectares in the Chernivtsi region. Initially it was a bad asset to 10,000 hectares, purchased from the bank. During our work we have replaced the old inefficient team pulled crop yields, provide employees with a stable salary. People working on the farm, understand that the “cut the branch on which you sit” - stupid and ungrateful. This is understood in the reception area, because each such company - is foreign investment, on which taxes are to the regional treasury.

However, with the beginning of the political turmoil in Ukraine my CEO still felt the political situation: some very hot neighbors have poisoned “ponapriehavshego Muscovite” dog. But most people do not give in to provocations.

Ukrainian business is also not willing to give up cooperation with Russia.

27 June 2014

(Marvelous are Your works, O Lord!) “Naftogaz”: The German company offers gas to Ukraine at $ 300 per thousand cubic meters. m
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The Russian market for German industry is much more interesting than the Ukrainian.